Saana Consulting is not the usual development consultancy. We aspire to look beyond conventional practices to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcomes for their projects in trade & regional integration, aid effectiveness and intellectual property. Our aim is to make development work better.

Above all, Saana is driven by positive, sustainable results. We typically work in small custom-built teams to provide our clients – DFID, EC, Danida and the World Bank to name a few – with individually tailored outcomes and innovative, ground-breaking solutions. We invest time and resources to get to know our clients, understand the key issues, and build ownership with stakeholders.

Launching our new, in-house think-tank – the Saana Institute

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Saana Institute. The institute will act as resource hub bringing together ‘thinking’ and ‘doing’ to build practical, evidence-based implementable ideas to improve development outcomes, especially in the fields of trade and regional integration.  The institute will seek to bring the “academic” together with the “practical”, so that practitioners can act on the best available evidence and ideas, and academics can target research around cutting-edge real-world challenges and solutions in development co-operation.

Saana Institute and Trade out of Poverty Seminar featuring International Trade Centre’s Executive Director, Arancha Gonzalez

As a number of recent reports have highlighted, women’s participation in productive activities and trade can play a pivotal role in terms of female empowerment and household poverty reduction. Funded by the UK Department for International Development and Norway, the International Trade Centre’s innovative Women and Trade Programme aims to increase the economic benefits derived by female entrepreneurs in developing countries from their participation in international trade. The programme has increased demand for goods and services supplied by women by matching international businesses with female entrepreneurs and building women’s capacity to meet buyers’ requirements. An expert in international trade and development, Arancha Gonzalez is the Executive Director of the ITC and has previously held leading positions at the World Trade Organization and the European Commission. Speaking on the ITC’s 50th Anniversary she will focus on why facilitating women’s participation in production and trade is key to economic development and poverty reduction, and highlight some of the successful initiatives the ITC has implemented under its Women and Trade Programme and the opportunities for achieving bigger impacts through up-scaling up.

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