Accelerating Trade in West Africa (ATWA) is scoping and design project for a regional trade facilitation programme funded by Danida and the Netherlands MFA. It is executed by Saana Consulting Ltd over the period February 2015 to March 2017.


ATWA is structured in three stages:

1 – A first stage delineating an initial set of corridors the project could focus on, while also setting out the broader regional trade and transport facilitation context.

Stage 1 report: Summary (en/fr), Part I: Introduction and Context, Part II: Corridor Selection and Part III: Cross cutting issues.

2 – A second stage, undertaking more detailed analysis of the corridors in question.

Stage 2 report: Part I: Corridor diagnostic (en/fr), Part II: Political Economy Analysis (en/fr) and Part III: Informal Cross Border Trade (en/fr).

3 – A third and final Stage, where the team will draft a programme document outlining potential interventions to reduce trade costs and facilitate trade in the region.