Saana Consulting has been contracted to undertake an external evaluation of WTO’s technical assistance covering the period 2010-2015. The central objective of the Evaluation is “to independently assess the functioning of all WTO Trade-Related Technical Assistance (TRTA), analyse WTO TRTA delivery, best practices, and lessons learned.” The Evaluation is overseen by the WTO Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation (ITTC) and a Steering Committee appointed by the WTO Committee on Trade and Development (CTD).

The Inception Phase was carried out in March-April 2016 and the Evidence-gathering Phase will take place May-August with a Draft Report due 31 August. This Phase will include extensive engagement with TRTA participants, partners and other stakeholders, including 8 country visits to assess the relevance, functioning and impact of WTO TRTA from the perspective of TRTA beneficiary individuals and countries.


The Evaluation Team is led by Bernard Wood, former Director of the OECD-DAC and team leader for the Mid-Term Review of the EIF (2012) and External Evaluation of the International Trade Centre (2013-14). Jens Anderson is the deputy team leader and is supported by colleagues based in the UK, Switzerland, Tanzania, Vietnam and the Dominican Republic.

For more information on the Evaluation, please contact Petteri Lammi (