John Morgan is Associate Director of Saana Consulting, responsible for business strategy and development partnerships. Saana is a leading provider of strategic advice and analysis on trade reform, trade facilitation, regional integration and Aid for Trade.

John is a highly experienced adviser and programme manager who has worked at the highest levels of government and with a wide range of public, private and civil society partners.  John’s work has focused on trade, economic development and governance with a strong emphasis on institutional development and accountability issues.  John has directed and delivered trade-related technical assistance and capacity building programmes including a global trade training programme for DFD with courses delivered in the UK, Bangladesh, South Africa, Nigeria and elsewhere.  John also organised and managed a Ministerial-level workshop hosted by then Secretary of State for International Development Clare Short on the use of standards as a trade barrier.  Earlier work on trade and regional integration included policy analysis and institutional development projects in Kenya, Mauritius, Barbados, Central Africa and the South Pacific.