Petteri is charged with leading Saana’s Results and Evaluation practice, as well as the day-to-day operations management and quality control of client services. He takes a key role in the strategic development of the company and leads on many of the business development operations.

An economist by trade, Petteri has been with Saana since 2006 and after initially administering the IPRTA Forum initiative, has matured into a more pivotal role in acquiring business and delivering results for Saana’s clients and partners. Over the last five years, Petteri has overseen the rapid growth of Saana’s Aid-for-Trade monitoring and evaluation portfolio, where it is now an established market leader. Recent projects have included evaluations of the Enhanced Integrated Framework, the International Trade Centre, UNIDO Trade Capacity Building Branch, TradeMark East Africa, OECD, the WTO’s Standards and Trade Development Facility and the World Bank’s Trade Facilitation Facility. Petteri also oversees monitoring and evaluation systems for the £12m DFID Trade Advocacy Fund.

Petteri has worked across Africa and South-East Asia and is fluent in English and Finnish. He is currently studying for a MBA at Strathclyde Business School.