Saana Consulting is the UK’s leading consultancy on aid for trade and regional integration. We design innovative solutions to promote trade and competitiveness within the regions and beyond.

Enabling countries to trade both regionally and internationally is crucial in stimulating growth and development. In particular, regional integration builds competitiveness, facilitating greater integration in the global economy. By enlarging markets, especially through the reduction of trade barriers, regional integration can promote economies of scale, competition and efficiency gains leading to expanded supply and lower prices.

Realising the potential of regional integration and expanding trade requires a package of investments and reforms to bring down the high costs of trading and doing business. In particular, developing countries need well-designed and high quality support to upgrade trade infrastructure, streamline trade facilitation and transport corridors, build productive capacities and promote effective implementation of trade reforms.

Innovative solutions, novel approaches

Over the last decade, Saana experts have gathered extensive experience across Africa, South East Asia and Eastern Europe in the design and implementation strategies for supporting trade and regional integration. Our network consist of a wide-range of exceptional experts available to provide strategic advice and analysis and our approach is to work hand-in-hand with developing country institutions and development partners, designing innovative solutions to increase the pay-off from aid. We look beyond conventional practices to ensure our clients receive the best possible outcomes, which are achievable, measurable and sustainable. Our expertise is comprehensive and is focused on the following areas:

  • Trade policy and strategic and legislative reform
  • Regional integration and investment climate harmonisation
  • Multilateral and regional trade agreements and negotiations
  • Trade facilitation
  • Standards
  • Administrative barriers to trade and investment
  • Trade, poverty and inclusive growth linkages

Case studies

Find out more about our groundbreaking work on trade and regional integration in developing countries through the selected case studies below.

Designing TradeMark East Africa

Mobilising the Beyond WTO Program’s second phase in Vietnam