Description: Support to the start up of TradeMark East Africa which is a new $175m multi-donor regional Aid for Trade vehicle funded by the UK, Denmark, Belgium and Sweden.TradeMark East Africa has both national components in each of the EAC Partner States (Burundi, Kenya Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda) and a regional element. The intervention areas on the national and regional levels are coordinated across the following themes:

  • Increasing efficiency of transport corridors and trade facilitation
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of EAC institutions
  • Strengthening national capacities for policymaking and implementation
  • Increasing participation by civil society and the private sector
  • Improving M&E systems and knowledge management.

Saana Consulting has provided sustained and comprehensive support to the development of TradeMark East Africa demonstrating our ability to work on a wide range of activities using varied developmental and consultancy tools and techniques. The work, which was commissioned by DFID involved a number of activities, including:

  • Drafting TMEA’s Medium Term Strategic Plan 2010-2015 and 2010 Business Plan, including budget and funding arrangements
  • Revision/updating of TMEA national level country programmes in Burundi, Kenya and Rwanda.

◦                   Saana also provided support to TMEA with the original design of the country programmes in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. This work involved institutional strengthening and capacity building for key ministries, agencies and private and civil society organisations working on regional integration issues, as well as designing support for One Stop Border Posts, tax reform, road networks and port development.

  • Preparation of staffing plan and job profiles for TMEA’s HQ in Nairobi and five branch offices across East Africa
  • An initial scoping and feasibility report has been conducted for a new TradeMark Fellowship Scheme
  • Design of TMEA policy dialogue process with the EAC, Partner States and development partners
  • Development of basic website for TMEA
Country: East African Community; Burundi; Kenya; Rwanda; Tanzania and Uganda
Client: DFID
Dates: Design: November 2009 – December 2010
Services:  Consultancy services for MDA’s PSOs and CSOs including the East African Community on institutional strengthening, capacity building, trade facilitation, transport infrastructure development, regional economic integration and pro-poor export/trade promotion. Project design and development.