Description: The Beyond WTO programme supports Vietnam to implement the commitments to the World Trade Organization and to sustain high growth and poverty reduction in the context of integration. Phase II of the programme continues to strengthen government’s capacity to manage the integration of Vietnam into the global economy and the transition of Vietnam to a socialist market economy.The consultancy undertook the review of the existing project design document, and developing the annual work plan with specific activities, outputs, and results framework for the first year of the programme. This included the screening of over 40 project proposals from government agencies for funding from the programme.
Country: Vietnam
Client: Government of Vietnam, DFID, AUSAID
Dates:  April – June 2009
Services: Consultancy, Developing of  the Annual Work Plan for the BWTO II programme, developing risk assessment and risk management strategy, developing a M&E framework for the Annual work plan, assisting the concerned agencies in developing concept papers, management and direction of an international team of consultants.