Saana Consulting has a strong history of supporting media and communications elements of development projects and our ability in this area is going from strength to strength.

Media and communications are a vital element of international development and covers a broad range of activities from creating websites to advertising projects and programmes, producing informational leaflets or training guides to exploring development issues through mini-documentaries.

In order to support sustainability of development outcomes it is vital that there is high pubic awareness of the issue and of the work being done. This creates structures of accountability and promotes drivers of change. The ability of produce tools and information to empower a range of beneficiaries is a vital element of any successful development intervention.

Innovative solutions, impacting images

Our expertise spans all types of media and communications and is focused on the following areas:

  • Production and printing of accessible and informative training manuals and guides
  • Development of websites for development projects and programmes
  • Design and production of targeted documentaries and infomercials for marketing and public awareness