We are a market leader in intellectual property technical assistance and capacity building solutions for developing countries and emerging economies.

Intellectual property has become increasingly important to trade, innovation and growth for developing countries as they integrate within the global economy, negotiate and implement trade agreements, and seek to exploit new technologies and business strategies in competitive markets.

Emerging developing countries like China, Brazil and India are now major users of the global patent system and owners of global brands. They have also become hugely profitable markets in their own right for intellectual property assets.

In low-income countries, like most of Africa, intellectual property frameworks can be vital to enabling essential innovation and investment, as well as protecting firms from widespread counterfeiting and piracy. Well-managed intellectual property systems can also have substantial impact on governments’ ability to provide affordable access to education, health and energy-efficient technologies for poor people.

Innovative solutions, groundbreaking initiatives

We have undertaken over twenty projects related to intellectual property in Africa, South East Asia, and Eastern Europe during the last five years. In addition, Saana Consulting has been acting as the Secretariat to the IPRTA Forum initiative since 2006. Our expertise spans all types of intellectual property and is focused on the following areas:

  • Policy and legislative reform & advice on TRIPS Agreement and IP conventions
  • Design of national IP strategies
  • Modernization and automation of IP administration
  • Building capacity for enforcement of IPRs
  • Training and awareness raising programmes
  • IP management and IP-based business strategies