Our project management unit is in place to efficiently manage the implementation of your project from its inception through to its conclusion.

The PMU ensures that our projects meet their budgetary and performance obligations and that at all times the lines of communication between the donor/funding agency, implementation team and beneficiaries are well maintained and accessible.

Responsibilities of the PMU

Our PMU is available to respond to the needs of projects in a timely and effective fashion. The PMUs key responsibilities include:

  • Team & relationship management including the ongoing communication of duties and responsibilities within the project team
  • Ensuring timely delivery of all contractual obligations
  • Interim, mid-term and project completion reporting
  • Budget control
  • Contract administration & budget control
  • Quality control
  • Research and editorial assistance
  • Project change implementation
  • Logistical support
  • All internal and external communication, for example;
- Creation of visual identity for the project 
- Website design, publication and maintenance

Effective utilisation of resources at all times is essential to any successful endeavour. Saana’s project management unit uses sound project management techniques and customised software tools to facilitate all deliverables on time and within strict quality guidelines.