The Secretariat supports the APPG in holding events, organising field trips and conducting research, such as inquiries and publications, to raise awareness of the importance of trade as a route out of poverty, and to find ways of enabling poor countries to develop through trade.

APPG-TOP’s medium term workplan is structured around five main priority themes:

  • Mainstreaming development in UK trade policy & WTO post Brexit
  • Promoting trade and investment for development in the Commonwealth
  • Integrating Africa
  • Delivering effective Aid for Trade
  • Creating jobs & empowering women through trade and investment

The main activities the APPG TOP include:

  • Inquiries
  • Briefings and inputs for speeches and House of Commons debates
  • Events, workshops, parliamentary dinners, bilateral meetings
  • Official submissions to government consultations or letters to Ministers

For more information, please contact Tom Pengelly, Head of the External Secretariat of the APPG TOP, at

You can learn more about the APPG-TOP’s activities on the following links:

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