As part of the Institute’s work and its role as the Secretariat for the UK All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trade Out of Poverty (APPG TOP), the Institute intends to stimulate innovative thinking and encourage use of evidence in policies by becoming a Knowledge Hub which provides a platform for information-sharing across sectors.

Supporting African Regional Integration: Looking Ahead

April 2015

The Saana Institute was invited to participate at a Department for International Development (DFID) internal trade and development “open ideas day” in February 2015. Saana outlined key avenues for reflection when it comes to supporting regional integration in developing countries.

TMEA Symposium on Regional Integration, Trade, Growth and Poverty

November 2014

The Saana Institute participated in TradeMark East Africa’s Symposium on Regional Integration, Trade, Growth and Poverty held in Nairobi, Kenya. The Saana Institute team presented three research papers:

i) The segmented nature of informal cross-border trade (ICBT) and East Africa and the implications for Aid for Trade interventions

ii) The Common External Tariff Arrangements and Poverty Reduction – Comparing the Experiences of ECOWAS and the EAC

iii) Poverty Impact Evaluations: Exploring the Opportunities for Experimental Methodologies as part of TMEA

Policy Brief on the progress of the Continental Free Trade Area

September 2014

At the request of the EAC Secretary General, the Saana Institute has produced a briefing paper outlining progress on the Continental Free Trade Area.